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On repetition - over and over and over and over and over

Amusing bug which recently appeared in the Quotes section of the blog...the joy of using your own software! 

on repetition fail

[...Read post] are on Google Street View

In November 2009 I saw a Google Street View car in Beacon Bay (South Africa):

Google Street View car

... and they took a photo of me:

Me on Google Street View

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First post...reloaded

I started the Michael Lockyear Blog nearly 2 years ago, but did not update the site very often (2 posts!).  I did not like the design of the site and did not enjoy using the blogging software.  Solution: Spend over a year writing my own custom blogging software!  The software is written in the PHP programing language, with MySQL providing the database back-end. 

Initially, I considered rebuilding the site as a lifestream  - a lifestream is a chronological stream of posts that function as a diary of your online and offline existence - but realized that there were probably very few people interested in the exact same things that interest me.  So instead, I divided the site into mini-blogs:

  • The Main blog (you are reading it now!) will contain occasional posts (target = 2 per month) covering whatever tickles my fancy, but probably topics related to technology or finance (I am a Chartered Accountant).
  • The WTF! blog contains my thoughts (usually in 5 sentences or less) on stories which evoke a "WTF!" response.  Previously these were squirreled away on, the online application I use for bookmarking.  There are over 70 WTF posts dating back to 2007.
  • The Quotes blog contains quotes I find inspirational, amusing or downright will have to guess!  Previously my favourite quotes were hidden away on my Facebook profile, and simply not accessible to most people.  I intend to have 300 quotes online by the end of the year.
  • The Soapbox  contains the many comments I have made on other blogs.  These are aggregated by BackType and sucked into my site automatically using the BackType API.  

Each of these mini-blogs has its own RSS feed, which means that you are able to subscribe to each blog separately, via RSS feed reader or email (subscription options appear on the upper left side of the screen).  I have also created a Twitter account that is automatically updated (using feedburner) whenever a post is made to any of the blogs on this site. 

Enjoy...and please subscribe!

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